Friday, October 21, 2005

Amazing Video Testimonials.

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Before the pH Miracle

before the ph Miracle the photo & I lost over 140 find out more ,
Jeffrey Weyl ‘after’ picture

My diet consisted of pizza, pasta, beer, caffeinated soda, huge burgers, and fried foods of all kinds.
Vegetable was a four-letter word. Of course, I knew that continuing to eat in such a fashion would end my life, but 'diet' was a four-letter word, too, and putting any kind of effort towards losing weight was just not in my game plan. After hearing about Dr. Young and The pH Miracle, as mentioned by Anthony Robbins,
I decided to pick up a copy of the book. I was completely blown away. I read the book in about two days and immediately started to make small, comfortable changes. I then started using Supergreens and Prime pH.
I have lost about 140 pounds and went from size 48 inch waist to currently 34 inch. My shirt size was 3XL down to size L. I wake up full of energy and no longer have a ‘down-time’ in the early afternoon! Not only am I enjoying the process, but both of my children are eating extremely well and enjoying the benefits of ‘keeping it green.’ I have also found new levels of energy allowing me to exercise and totally enjoy it!!”Making these changes and using the InnerLight products is about changing my health on a cellular level. When I put food in my mouth, I sometimes find myself thinking, ‘ Will this help me or hurt me?’ or ‘ Will this food energize me or slow me down?’ These are very different questions than from a couple of months ago, when my thoughts were, ‘Pepperoni or sausage’ or ‘Fries with that? Contact me so that we can get started!– go ahead, give yourself the body that you deserve! > to Jeffrey Wey site

Before the pH Miracle & After

Before the pH Miracle